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Our search for a definitive cure for our daughter who has GDD (Global Developmental Delay) took us around the world; literally. We visited the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States in our quest to achieve wellness for our child.

Early on, we realised that what we were faced with was not a disease that could be treated with any medication. There were no definitive answers. But as parents that did not stop us from trying to find solutions. We tried to learn as much as we could about child brain development. We attended more than 200 hours of lectures on the subject, both in India and in the US. We trained to work with our daughter at home. Our search for answers still continues. We are constantly trying to find new ways to work with our daughter that can give us better and better results.

The Academy of Learning and Development is an attempt on our part to make available all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the past 15 years for the benefit of the countless number of children with special needs in our country. The road ahead is long and winding. It is not going to be smooth sailing. But in this process if we can make a qualitative difference to the life of even one child, the journey would be worth taking a thousand times.

Arti Deo / Ajinkya Deo


Academy of Learning and Development - A project for 'special children' by Sushilabai Nanasaheb Deo Charitable Trust.