Designs for Strong Minds

The Designs for Strong Minds program focuses on the process of learning and moves children and adults from being just passive recipients of information to active generators of ideas. The exercises teach new ways of processing information which can be applied in every aspect of their lives.

Individuals improve and enhance their problem solving abilities, logical thinking and organizational skills and learn alternative strategies for decision making as well. These skills lead to efficiency in all areas of life which in turn increases their self-esteem and confidence.
It uses context-free materials and mediation to maximize intelligence and the capacity to learn. These brain exercises develop visual imagery skills. Visual imagery is the foundation for abstract thinking and logical reasoning.
With these visual imagery exercises children/ adults will develop skills to:

  • See pictures in their head
  • Attend to details
  • Recognize how the details contribute to the whole picture
  • See how the pieces fit together
  • Identify relevant information necessary to complete the goal
  • Improve planning and organisation
  • Suppress impulsivity