Vocational Centre

Employment is a vital step towards rehabilitation and empowerment as it provides a sense of belonging, independence, and it increases social inclusion, self-esteem and overall well-being.

The aim of vocational training for persons with disabilities is to enable them to acquire skills that will prepare them for a particular occupation.

The goal is to ensure that each child, with his/her specific areas of strength and skill set, is able to lead a meaningful life.
Any vocational program is preceded by a Pre-vocational program. The Vocational Program at the Academy of Learning and Development aims at focusing on the individual’s areas of strength while training and teaching the requisite skills necessary for the vocation. Currently, we have the Baking Program and are in the process of adding more programs.
Pre-vocational Program for Baking - The Pre-Vocational Program has a systematic and comprehensive plan which includes:

  • Money Concepts
  • Time Concept
  • Weights and Measures
  • Identification of ingredients and baking equipment
  • Fine and Gross Motor skills required for baking.

The Baking Program is a structured and systematic Vocational Program where the individual learns baking (Cookies, cakes, bread).