Creative Team

Arya Deo & Yug Deo

Arya and Yug are the next generation in Ramesh Deo Production Pvt. Ltd. and they bring in fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

Arya has chosen to stay behind the camera and has directed several short films, one of which was selected for screening at the prestigious London Independent Film Award (LIFA) Festival in 2017. “Metanoia” was awarded the Best Film in the Foreign Short Films category.

Yug has chosen to be a cinematographer and has been working with Arya at the company. The youngest in the family, he has an impressive portfolio of photographs and a keen eye and a unique perspective on the everyday which is seen through his photography.

They come in to shoot videos and making short films of the children and the activities that are done at the Academy. It’s always a pleasure to have them at school as they go about their work discreetly and manage to get the most endearing and engaging shots of the children at work and play.  

Arya Deo & Yug Deo